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With the hanging net of the Corderie, take height horizontally during your moments of relaxation!


Vide net 4  2


Reference A4320
Diameter 5.0 mm
Breaking load 3.2 daN
Colour Bleu/blanc/rouge/vert/jaune
Component polypropylène
Weight 400.0 g / 1.0 m^2


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With this net hammock / mezzanine, take horizontally the height during your moments of relaxation! Without knots and bordered by a rope of 9 mm on each side, this net mezzanine is ideal to create a new space in the interior of a house / dwelling. Four steel carabiners with screws and a 10 mm polyamide rope accompany the mezzanine net. To calculate the measurement of the rope, it is advisable to take 3 x the perimeter of the net mezzanine / hammock. It is rotproof, this suspended trampoline net is also suitable for outdoor use. An assembly plan is sent when ordering. To know the price and receive other tips for use and placement, please send us an email, call us or come to our store in Brussels.
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