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Corderie Smits-Henin


La Corderie is one of the oldest shops in Brussels still in operation. Created in 1894, the store experienced the invention of Neon, two world wars, the introduction of universal voting rights, the 1958 world exhibition, the independence of the Congo, the Martens governments, the assassination of André Cools and the sudden rise in real estate prices.

The rope

Ancient object dating from the Egyptians, the rope is useful to decorate a place, to take someone out of a ditch, to connect a point to another in equilibrium, to climb in the trees, to go down a cliff, to support a platform, to deposit some material in inaccessible places, stretching sails, relaxing muscles or hooking people up.

Our customers

Rope is a niche product that affects many areas. In a former parquet warehouse, located in Ixelles, the Corderie welcomes sailors, architects, decorators, entrepreneurs, scientists, directors, cultural exhibition directors, yogists, pruners, managers purchase of amusement parks, musicians, decorators, tightrope walkers, sportsmen, movers, students, animal trainers, magicians, undertakers, communal workers but also Maureen Louys, Jacky Ickx, Jacques Borlée, Philippe Geluck, Guy Verhofstadt and a Johnny Hallyday look-alike (for only examples of our worldly sketchbook).


Since the end of the 19th century, the store has constantly renewed the strings of its bow to satisfy the requirements of its customers. This is why La Corderie not only sells rope but also cable, nets, straps, garden equipment, equipment PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), burlap and fittings (pulleys , tensioners, cable clamp, lug, ...). In addition, the vast majority of products sold there are of European, Belgian, French, German, Italian or Spanish origin. This allows him to keep close contact with the suppliers to ensure customer quality of products and the possibility of manufacturing on demand.

Custom manufacturing

To meet specific requests, La Corderie has set up, thanks to the fruits of its expertise, a workshop that makes ropes, ladders, natural coconut mats, nets and custom straps.

The team

Managed by an attentive and available team, La Corderie does not hesitate to go to the ropes to meet the varied and sometimes original needs of its customers. The team always aims for excellence in the quality of its products, in the availability with its customers and in the speed of execution.

Corderie Smits-Henin