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Corderie Smits-Henin


The SMITS-HENIN rope wholesaler is established by Mister Pierre Jean SMITS and his wife Célina HENIN in 15 Victoire street in saint Gilles, Brussels. This business is called the Rope factory of Hal's Door.


Ten years after the death of Pierre Jean, the business is supervised by his widow. At this moment, the business is put in the name of the elder son Robert who reaches his majority.


Enlargement of the business with the annexation of the building situated in the number 13 of Victory street.
A few years later, it will be the number 17 which will also be annexed. The company is rapidly expanding.


Death of Robert SMITS, leaving another 5 minors. Her widow, Madeleine Mortier, takes the head of the business.


Three years after the death of Madeleine Mortier, the company is resold to Mister Josse de Smet d' Olbecke and his family.


Moving of the Rope factory Smits-Henin to Ixelles, avenue de la Couronne.


Sale of the company to Mr Gregolin and Mr Jacobs. The idea is to refocus the rope factory on its initial business. The range of products is revised in 9 categories. Moving in 2014 a little farther in the avenue de la Couronne. 
The site is more suited to the exploitation of the business.

Corderie Smits-Henin

Type of activity

The Smits-Henin rope business proposes a range of products relating closely or remotely to the rope. 
Our products are of industrial type, and are sold in varied sectors as for example: the construction, the pruning, the works in height, the Horeca, the public sector, the safety(security) …
Our customers arise from very different horizons: theaters, police, pruners, centers of training, hotels, restaurants, events, artists, decoration …
Our products, mainly focused on rope, also divert towards nets, cables, elastic ropes, accessories for work on rope, safety equipments for work on rope, cables, chains, belts, covers, the metallic and plastic accessories relating to the rope... Historically, the Smits-Henin business is also specialized in the cut and the pose of doormats in coconut. 
Besides, the company is a holder of a patent for the realization of custom-made flexible scales. We also supply numerous sites with scales of evacuation in the standards CE.