Braided linen rope Ø: 8,00mm

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Reference W0187
Diameter 8.0 mm
Colour Brun
Component lin
Weight 34.0 g / 1.0 m

Braided linen rope Ø: 8,00mm

Starting price 1,04 / m

1,26 VAT included
Soft and delicate to the touch, this 100% natural linen rope has several possible uses: as a counterweight in watchmaking, bondage or shibari, in decoration or to tighten the skin of drums. With a low elongation, this linen rope is biodegradable, similar to hemp, sisal, jute and cotton. This rope is made in Belgium. This linen rope is sold by the metre or by the spool at La Corderie (Brussels).
Price / m
Quantity € (excl.)
1 < 100 2.19
100 < 500 1.21
500 < ... 1.04