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Coco door mat, thickness: 28mm, made-to-measure

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Reference W2283
Colour écru (naturelle)
Component coco
Weight 8.0 kg / 1.0 m^2

Coco door mat, thickness: 28mm, made-to-measure

Starting price 87,47 / m²

105,84 VAT included
Queen of the doormat Coco Natural custom and built in the ground since the early sixties, La Corderie has placed in Brussels mats (entrance mats) in art deco buildings, shops, sports clubs, luxury villas, elevators, restaurants, art galleries and shopping. La Corderie offers four layers of Natural Coco mats: 13, 18, 24 and 28 millimeters. Coco Naturel doormats are time-efficient for all shoes thanks to the quality of Coco which absorbs moisture and its rubber base which gives it an excellent stability. La Corderie delivers mats everywhere in Brussels, Belgium and around the world. Cutting day: Tuesday. Ready to pick up: Wednesday.