Hockey rope

Corde hockey s paration de terrain


Reference A4335
Diameter 80.0 mm
Breaking load 74100.0 daN
Strain 15%
Colour Mélange multicouleurs
Component polypropylène splitfilm (pp)
Weight 2.9 kg / 1.0 m

Hockey rope

Starting price 10,81 / m

13,08 VAT included
With a diameter of 80 mm (8 strands) and polypropylene, this rope allows to divide the grounds. Our hockey ropes absorb shocks and are of course rot-proof. Equipped with a loop at each end, it is easy to carry them easily from one place to another. The choice of colors is: green, blue, black, red, white, orange and salmon. Other colors are still available on request. It is possible to order a single-color or two-color rope.