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Lashing strap with ratchet tensioner, width 25.00mm, Lenght.: 4M50

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Reference W1094
Length 4.5 m
Width 25.0 mm
Breaking load 400.0 daN
Colour Noir
Component polyester (pes)
Weight 0.38 kg / 1.0 x

Lashing strap with ratchet tensioner, width 25.00mm, Lenght.: 4M50

Starting price 4,73 / Part

5,72 VAT included
This one-part ratchet strap system is used for securing loads on trucks, trailers, roof racks, etc. This polyester lashing strap (made in Belgium) is not suitable for lifting loads. Service charge (EN 12195-2): LC (daN) 400 daN ↔ LC (daN) 800 daN - Breaking load: 1200 daN. Do you know how to use a ratchet strap tensioner wisely? This system is used to maintain the tension of your strap around an object (or a person, during an artistic performance). If you want to stretch your strap with the strength of the tensioner, you're screwed. The strap will jam the system. This is guaranteed on invoice. La Corderie explains the instructions in two steps to avoid this inconvenience: 1. Nature has given you biceps, put them to work. Pull the strap with your hands. 2. Once the strap is tight, activate two or three of the ratchet tensioner to maintain tension. That's it. What, already? It's so fast that it's outrageous.
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