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NATURAL Twisted hemp rope Ø: 6,00mm

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Reference A4087
Diameter 6.0 mm
Breaking load 320.0 daN
Strain > 10%
Colour écru (naturelle)
Component chanvre
Weight 2.25 kg / 100.0 m
100% natuurlijk 100 % en chanvre naturel

NATURAL Twisted hemp rope Ø: 6,00mm

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This hemp rope is 100% biodegradable. Ecological, this hemp twine is therefore not rot-proof. This is why it is essential to store this rope in a dry and ventilated place. Made up of three strands, this supple and soft natural fiber does not burn the skin and is therefore very appreciated for the practice of bondage and shibari but also in decoration, masonry or crafts. This resistant rope is sold by the meter or by the spool. Made in Germany.
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