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Petzl ANNEAU, 120cm, noir



Reference W1516
Length 120.0 cm
Width 18.0 mm
Breaking load 2200.0 daN
Colour Noir
Component polyester (pes)
Weight 0.1 kg / 1.0 x

Petzl ANNEAU, 120cm, noir

Starting price 6,41 / Part

7,76 VAT included
This endless ring is a flexible anchoring point for a professional working at height but also for a zip line start and finish, to hang an object or to hold one from a possible fall. Solid as an Ardennes draught horse, this polyester sling is easy to place thanks to a pretty lark's knot. It is of course advisable to read the instructions before use. It is possible to have coloured rings on order at La Corderie (Brussels).