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Twisted synthetic hemp rope Ø: 24,00mm

Sans titre 38


Reference W0287
Diameter 24.0 mm
Breaking load 4800.0 daN
Strain 10-15%
Colour Beige
Component polypropylène imitation chanvre
Weight 245.0 g / 1.0 m

Twisted synthetic hemp rope Ø: 24,00mm

Starting price 3,82 / m

4,62 VAT included
By its color and its material, this rope is a perfect imitation of natural hemp! Thanks to its polypropylene synthetic material and its resistance to UV and humidity, it is unalterable and can therefore be used in any type of outdoor application (rope pulling, climbing rope, ...). This high quality rope can be used for decoration, to delimit a space or for cabin construction. This synthetic hemp rope made in Germany is sold at the Corderie (Brussels) by the meter or by the spool.
Price / m
Quantity € (excl.)
1 < 100 6.18
100 < 220 4.64
220 < 500 4.23
500 < ... 3.82