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Unbleached braided cotton rope 16-plaited Ø: 6,00mm



Reference W0179
Diameter 6.0 mm
Colour écru (naturelle)
Component coton
Weight 16.0 g / 1.0 m

Unbleached braided cotton rope 16-plaited Ø: 6,00mm

Starting price 0,36 / m

0,44 VAT included
Sold by the meter or the spool, this string made in Belgium is ideal for macrame. This technique of knots meets a great success. Old technique, macrame is a widespread creative art to make jewelry (necklaces, earrings and bracelets), but also to make creations such as curtains, underpads, tablecloths, bags, lamps, lamps wall weaves, cushions or dream catchers. - This drawstring is ideal for candles and oil lamps. Thanks to its natural braiding, this product will completely absorb the flammable liquid. - This natural cotton rope can also be used for bag handles or decoration
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