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Braided Dyneema rope, Ø: 6,00mm, 4300daN



Reference W2460
Breaking load 4300.0 daN
Colour Gris
Component dyneema (vectran, spectra)
Weight 23.0 g / 1.0 m

Braided Dyneema rope, Ø: 6,00mm, 4300daN

Starting price 4,55 / m

5,51 VAT included
The Dyneema braids are as light and flexible as a conventional rope with the advantage of having the same resistance as the equivalent diameter steel cable. - Working length of less than 1% - High tensile strength - No moisture absorption - Excellent resistance to abrasion and UV - Easy to splice
Price / m
Quantity € (excl.)
1 < 100 5.98
100 < ... 4.55