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Jute bag "vaderland" larg.: 40cm, length: 80cm

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Reference W0016
Length 80.0 cm
Width 40.0 cm
Colour écru (naturelle)
Component jute
Weight 0.16 kg / 1.0 x

Jute bag "vaderland" larg.: 40cm, length: 80cm

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1,11 VAT included
With a size of 40 x 80 cm, this solid jute bag is the ideal product for storing coffee beans, potatoes or dried fruits. With its mesh, the burlap allows food to breathe and therefore avoid mold. Filled with sand, it is also used to prevent water from passing in case of flooding. Thick, this bag also protects the sun's materials. With its old look, this natural canvas bag can be suitable for decorative elements or used as an original handbag. With a capacity of +/- 110 liters, this bag will also be an excellent companion for shopping at the market or at the grocery store. It is possible, at the Corderie Smits-Henin, to buy cheap burlap bags per piece.
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