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Petzl ABSORBICA®-I 150

L013aa01 absorbica flex i


Reference W2070B
Length 150.0 cm
Colour Noir - Jaune
Component polyamide (pa, nylon)
Weight 0.32 kg / 1.0 x

Petzl ABSORBICA®-I 150

Starting price 50,00 / Part

60,50 VAT included
Single lanyard with integrated energy absorber ABSORBICA®-I is a single lanyard, with compact energy absorber, designed for progression on a horizontal lifeline (rope or cable) or on a lifting platform, without a split passage. It allows several installations on the harness and can receive different types of connectors. It is available in two lengths, 80 or 150 cm (excluding connectors). The strand of the 150 cm version is elasticated so as not to hinder progress. Depending on the connectors used, ABSORBICA®-I is certified according to American, European and Russian standards.