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Rope support brass, brass, for rope of Ø: 30,00mm

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Reference W0984
Colour Doré
Component laiton
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Rope support brass, brass, for rope of Ø: 30,00mm

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La Corderie advises to fix to the wall, at hip height, a classical support (fixation) every meter to achieve a high level of stability. In the calculations, it is important not to forget the famous zero point. Mathematical exercise: for a length of six metres, 7 supports are needed. As far as the length of the rope is concerned, it is preferable to take an extra 10 cm per metre so that you have an arrow that will accompany you in the event of a fall or loss of balance. 1. Mark the markings in the wall. 2. Drill the markings and put the dowels in. 3. Fix the M8 screw of the bracket (classic bracket) into the dowel. 4. Screw the brackets into their respective screws. 5. Pass the rope through the brackets. 6. Pre-drill (2 or 3 x) the rope with a fine drill bit to avoid tendonitis and damage to the thread of the fixing. 7. Screw the screw of the fastening into the rope.
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