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Unbleached braided cotton rope 16-plaited Ø: 8,00mm



Reference W0181
Diameter 8.0 mm
Colour écru (naturelle)
Component coton
Weight 30.0 g / 1.0 m

Unbleached braided cotton rope 16-plaited Ø: 8,00mm

Starting price 0,51 / m

0,62 VAT included
This braided cotton rope is very popular for its versatility. - This 16-spindle cotton rope is widely used by Capoeira schools in Belgium, France and elsewhere in Europe to mark practitioners' gradation system. - This drawstring is ideal for candles and oil lamps. Thanks to its natural braiding, this product will completely absorb the flammable liquid. - Natural ropes are less abrasive than synthetic ropes, which is why this cotton rope is a great success for bondage. - This natural cotton rope can also be used for bag handle, decoration and macrame. It is possible to buy this reference to the reel or meter in store or via our website.
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12 < 100 0.89
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